Calcining and Processing Technology

The world leading Swiss kiln manufacturer Maerz Ofenbau AG offers complete technical solutions for calcining and processing of limestone and lime. Maerz Ofenbau operates worldwide in the lime kiln and calcining plant industry and is able to apply all applications for the lime industry from single kiln to complete turn-key projects. “Depending on the application conditions, such as production capacity, type of fuel, raw material feed size, lime quality required, etc. the decision for a certain kiln type is made by evaluating the balance between cost, technological reliability and flexibility. It is Maerz’s policy – on the basis of an extensive product portfolio – to carefully assess all initial conditions before recommending the most suitable kiln technology to its customers to meet the specific project conditions and to achieve the required product quality. Maerz – the world leader in the construction of lime kilns – is not only in a position to offer the most energy-efficient type of lime shaft kiln existing to date but also the most comprehensive scope of lime burning equipment.”

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